Of divine appointments and natural relationships!

Jesus went to be baptised by John in the river Jordan

Here we see a divine drama play out to school us in the nature and character of God

John was his older cousin in the natural and had been in the ministry before him

But spiritually Jesus was John’s maker and the one who called him to ministry. He was God in the flesh

John knew who Jesus was by revelation

Infact he was the only prophet of the old testament to see it and announce it

He didn’t relate with him as an older brother to a younger one but as a servant to his master

He related with Jesus based on the revelation of the scriptures

He told Jesus ” how can you come to me to be baptised when am the one needing your baptism” Matthew 3:13-15 paraphrased)

Jesus said to him ” allow it ito be so for now in order that the scriptures may be fulfilled”

The younger in the natural was above the older one spiritually

Both knew it

Yet the one who was above submitted to the one who was beneath in order for the scriptures to be fulfilled

Showing us very clearly that there is no iota of pride in the holy one

We are to be careful that we don’t overstretch the boundaries of natural relationships when it comes to handling spiritual realities

Natural relationships are important and very necessary but limited in what they can offer spiritually

Spiritual relationships are of higher import and significance

Though Mary was Jesus’s mother in the natural, he was spiritually her lord and saviour

We see her in following the instructions of the lord who was her son in the natural by assembling with other saints in Acts 1

David was the last born of his father but all his siblings including the father had to bow to him as king

As a wife there are things you can receive from your husband as your lover which is quite different from what you can receive from him as a servant of God

This also applies vice versa

Know the difference and learn how to navigate between these separate realities and all shall be well


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  • Omisakin+Amos
    Reply August 15, 2023 11:38 am


    Thank you Reverend Sir. This is well received

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