God, our helper!

God, our helper!

Extraordinary events always surround those who are more conscious of God’s ability to help than of men

The book of Daniel chapter 6 reveals an interesting testimony

Knowing a decree was already signed prohibiting prayer to any deity, Daniel still went on with his custom of praying 3 times a day

He was undeterred in his devotion to God

He had great influence with the king as the king’s favourite

He knew evil was being plotted against him yet he chose not to speak to or lobby the king

There are situations in life where human connection will fail

Daniel’s trust lay in the influence he wielded with the king of kings

As he remained unwavering in his faith, help came and the plot failed

That faithful man was delivered and his enemies vanquished

By divine working the situation meant for his downfall became an avenue for his promotion

Same situation designed for his downfall was used of God to elevate him

The many sided working of God’s power and wisdom in putting us over in life will never be fully seen or experienced when we put our confidence in the arm of the flesh which always has limitations

God is the only being in the universe who cannot be cornered

As you stand your ground in faith today on the revealed truth of God’s word, may you receive help from the only helper, the father of mercies and the God of all comfort, who never needs help


Happy new week folks !

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  • St. Ineez Umanah
    Reply April 25, 2023 7:09 am

    Unwavering Faith on the God of all comfort.
    Praise God!

  • Oreoluwa Adetula
    Reply April 25, 2023 7:57 am

    Amen!.. Thank you Pastor

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