A New Season!

A New Season!

It’s a new season

The practices of God for each generation differs but his principles remain the same

So also are his patterns

New visions are being dropped into ready hearts by the timeless one

These are visions which when shared with those whose hearts don’t resonate at such frequencies, will make you appear as though you are mad

Visions that sound like Prophet Isaiah’s ” a virgin shall give birth…”

It was regarded as the madness of a prophet when it was spoken

But when the vision spoke, it was recognized as the joy of many generations

If you are afraid of shame and ignominy, you will not be ready to take hold or run with these visions that are being given and received

The character of such visions at the beginning remains the same

It will begin with no form or comeliness and no beauty to arouse desire

But therein lies the spoil of the strong and the portion of the great

Be ready

As worldliness increases and the lines between right and wrong gets more blurry

Get ready

You are not mad

Obeying God despite the odds is sanity at its best

All the beauty and comeliness that matters is in doing what he told you to do

You don’t need a large crowd of people to cheer you on in order to begin

Understand that you are here for such a time as this

Get set because it’s about time to go


Happy new month folks!

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  • St. Ineez Umanah
    Reply March 1, 2023 8:35 am

    Getting set for a time like this, thank you Sir.

  • Tebo+Elvis+Baah
    Reply March 24, 2023 7:30 pm


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