Redemption – The story of A love So Strong!

Redemption……that most perfect expression of divine will and purpose

Grace and mercy duly composed, accurately and adequately interpreted

A plan so grand, minds that were once alienated from God through wicked works after believing now require prayer to comprehend its fullness

A script so elaborately crafted in God and so readily played out in Christ that angels need schooling through the new creation to understand it

It is about the creator taking the place of his creation

The righteous judge taking the place of the condemned

The one meant to punish the wrong doer putting the necessary punishment for all wrongs done on himself

The cross in love’s quest for freedom became a passage rather than a destination

A love that despised all shame in order that freedom might be

Death was made a chapter in redemption’s book instead of the conclusion

The longing of love for man’s emancipation left death no choice犀利士
but to loose its grip

Fear stood in terror of the life that love brought having no place to hide

Satan man’s enemy was stripped naked having no clothes to wear

We see a resurrection so glorious captivity was made captive

An ascension so great that now in the dead life has become active

From learning about God to learning of him

God’s mighty presence now permanently resident in the hearts of men; the new creation

This is redemption

God’s love song sung through the mouths of men


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  • Odeyemi Inioluwa
    Reply January 27, 2023 12:11 pm

    The Father’s love is one that overwhelms everytime! The goosebumps, that ehn ehn! God did this? It’s ever present.

    A love so great, A spirit so fierce and our God who is love!


  • Temitope Komolafe
    Reply January 27, 2023 2:52 pm

    Wow … Blessed
    Thank you for sharing

  • Deborah Oladapo
    Reply January 27, 2023 3:32 pm

    Blessed. Thanks for sharing Pastor

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