The Honour Code!

The Honour Code!

Many of us are unaware of the intricacies of a spiritual office

The person standing in such an office can be emotional but the authority and power of the office is not

A minister can have a wrong mindset about you due to a misinterpretation of your words or actions

Or due to wrong information received about you from others

The final judge with respect to receiving God’s grace犀利士
is your disposition to that spiritual office despite the weakness of the one standing in it

It is true that the man/woman, as the case may be, who stands in such an office needs to grow up but it is not always so

Eli had a negative disposition towards Hannah supposing her gesture of intense heartfelt prayer to God was one of drunkenness

Hannah humbly corrected him by responding to the seeming insult he uttered towards her with great honour for his office and refused to get offended

Honour always receives spiritual virtue

Honour is the opposite of offence

She was rewarded through that same office with the desires of her heart made manifest

A minister should be above reproach but it is not always so in practice

You dear saint must not allow the error of the minister rob you of God’s best by getting into offence

Remember in Christ both the minister and the office belongs to you

A minister’s conduct can be corrected or rebuked with honour

Put on honour always knowing the office remains spiritual even when the minister’s actions are not


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