God’s Nature Revealed!

God’s Nature Revealed!

In the face of all seeming contradictions that we may come across in our study of the holy writings:

The resurrection of Jesus stands out as God’s unmistakable signature as a life giver.

It is central to Bible interpretation and in its absence the scriptures wouldn’t hold together.

It is that one event that if well studied removes all shrouds of misconception about God’s nature.

Without it we would have no gospel.

It is God’s character speaking loudly and shining clearly.

It is the summary of all promises fulfilled.

It is what is referred to as the sure mercies of David.

The resurrection of Jesus is eternal proof that God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

is the substance of our faith.

Our anthem and song!

The resurrection is the greatness we ascribe to the lord our rock.

This is his perfect work that proves all his ways are just.

The very reason for our being.

And our right to forever rejoice!


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