So convinced of God’s mercy and grace was Jonah that he willingly offered to be thrown overboard in a storm that the life of those in his company might be spared

Be very certain that it was not a suicide attempt.

Rather it was an act of faith

He knew the loving arms of the God whom he served would be there to carry him through even though he was in disobedience

Oh how this old testament saint knew!

Hear his confession in prayer:

“I know that you are a gracious God who is merciful and slow to get angry, so full of kindness that you take the slightest opportunity to avert evil” (Jonah 4:2 my paraphrase)

Hence God’s provision of safety even before he was thrown overboard

And yet concerning him and his kind, the scriptures boldly say:

“God had something better in store for us (new testament saints)..” Hebrew 11:40 (Moffatt’s translation)

Jonah was a servant and not a son

If servants enjoyed such dimensions of protection and preservation by faith, i leave you to comprehend the much more that is now available to sons

God is not preoccupied with our shortcomings and failures

No no no

He is too busy revealing all the blessings that belong to us in Christ that we may enjoy them

We are sons

Let’s be bold

Let’s enjoy

Great weekend folks!

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