Have you ever found it difficult to define yourself? You have tried to fit in several times in different things and it didn’t work.  Being good at games in high school particularly football usually guaranteed acceptance among your peers. But what happens if you are not really good at any? The need to be accepted or to fit into a particular niche or group is a strong drive in every one of us. The call to be different is given to many but accepted by a few. Many shy away from it because it may mean to think and do things out of the established order. Here is a story that made a strong impression on me when I was very young. It is about the ugly duckling. It is a good way to illustrate this piece.

A small duckling once found herself among several families of ducks. She couldn’t exactly remember how she got there. Her first consciousness of life was among these families. When she asked who she was they told her she was a lost orphan they found near the river edge. They told her how she needed to be grateful to them for taking her in. everything she did was criticized. ‘’you swim funny, your movements are awkward’’ and ‘’you are much too ugly for a duck’’.  why am I not like the others in looks and mannerisms she wondered. Every time she tried to act like them she failed miserably. However she tried to imitate their actions they only derided her more for her efforts. Her life was a misery. She constantly wished she had never been found.

Things remained the same until two summers later. She had learned to take solace in her own company. After the brief period of inactivity that precedes summer everyone came out to enjoy the freshness that announces the season. She came out like the others only to find herself the cynosure of all eyes. Everyone was staring at her. Unknown to her over a period of time her bearing had become stately, her movements graceful, her plumage of the purest white. She swam with an ease born of natural ability akin to the king of water birds. She looked at her own reflection in the water and a stranger stared back at her. Instead of the ugly duckling she saw the long graceful neck of a swan. As she swam by, delirious with the discovery of who she really was, all paid homage to her beauty. After spending so much time trying to be who she wasn’t she finally found she was better off being who she really was; a swan and not a duck.

Does this paint an accurate picture of you? Then welcome to the company of misfits. Each time we try to fit-in in any area of life without knowing who we are, we always fall short of God’s best. Things are never really as they seem at first sight. To predict who you are by merely looking at what can be seen now will be a direct insult to destiny. The reason you are not comfortable with common things may be because you are uncommon. You need to understand that we live in a world that accepts the norm and rejects the unusual. A society that tolerates the average and rewards only the outstanding. Just as the eagle has no business with the vulture and the lion no contract with the hyena; so also have you no bearing with the ordinary. Incase you think you are the only one who is a member of this company, permit me to introduce you to a few past members who have been in the same boat and did not capsize:

Gideon-the fearful man of failure who became a mighty man of valor

Moses –a chronic stammerer ordained to be a nation’s deliverer

David –a keeper of sheep appointed as a leader of men

What more can I say. Remember the prison is no place for a prince and the manger is no place for a king. You will make a very terrible poor man so stick to what you really are, an incredibly rich man in Christ. There is no point in acting like a defeated weakling when we already know you as a conquering champion. No one can ever be as good at playing that vital role called YOU. You are only four S-letter words from your destination. Stand to your feet and Stir yourself up a little. Square up your shoulders, Step out onto the stage of life and give the world a performance they have never seen. We have waited for you long enough. It’s your time!

Postscript… are only allowed membership in this company for a limited period of time.long term membership is not allowed but alumnis are welcome.

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