LESSONS FROM NATURE-A study in grace and faith

I stood on the balcony of my house to enjoy the cool breeze brought on by the fresh downpour of rain. It was a great relief in the heat and a much needed blessing. As I looked out I saw them. These were a rare breed among birds. Few they were in number and a sight to behold as they went about their work diligently. What could bring them out of their nests in such a downpour? The answer stared me in the face: FOOD!

Due to the downpour, nature had released a batch of winged termites which were now airborne. Biologically speaking they are a rich source of much needed protein for birds and in some cases humans. While other birds nestled in the warmth of their nests, these precious ones were busy taking advantage of an opportunity that would most likely be gone once the rain subsided. What some other birds must have seen as a thing of gloom, these few saw as a blessing.

I could not help but see scriptural parallels in the above. It is written ‘’for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made….’’ (Romans 1:20).The birds did nothing to make the termites come out into the open nor were they able to make it rain. God through nature had already arranged for that to occur at a certain season giving rain as a catalyst that brings it to pass. All they did was get into position. Hence we see the beauty of scripture in nature where it is written ‘’for by grace are you saved through faith…” (Ephesians 2:8). In like manner we can do nothing to merit or deserve the blessings of God. They are freely given by grace and received through faith. It was faith in operation when the birds took delivery of what they knew the rains (grace) would bring forth. Faith is not laziness. Their faith compelled them to go out in the rain. And they were not disappointed but were rather handsomely rewarded.

It is like God to create opportunities. That is grace. It is for man to see, recognize and embrace them. That is faith. Like the rare breed of birds above went out in the rain, men of faith have learnt to step out recognizing a blessing even when it masquerades as challenges and difficulties. They don’t blindly pray ‘’Lord please bless me!’’ as though God is yet to provide or move on their behalf. Rather they boldly say ‘’father open my eyes that I may see what you have already done and provided for me!’’. The former way of praying keeps you passively hopeful while the latter gets you actively in to the flow of God’s blessings. Be among the rare breed. Great grace means great opportunities and it is yours this season!

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